Many leaders feel frustrated trying to explain what they offer. We teach a simple 5 hour workshop to help you create a clear message to connect with your customer so that your business grows, and everyone wins.

“The Clarity Workshop was a great time. David is a passionate guide who makes a compelling case for something deeply beyond an arbitrary discussion of marketing and communication: engaging with other people in a way that is powerful, practical, and warm.”
— Zach Sumner, Logistics Director for The E-Foundation


Learn a simple framework to help you better understand your customer.

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Clarify your message to engage more clients to grow your business.


Connect with others through telling and experiencing powerful stories.

People natural move towards clarity. People only choose what they value, and they can't value what you do as long as it remains confusing to them. We value your growth, and we pledge to give our best in helping you lead with clarity and connection like never before. The future of your business is worth your investment.  

David Skidmore is the founder and CEO of Choice Consulting. David knows how difficult it is for leaders to connect with their people in a world that is noisy and distracted. Because of this, he created The Choice Process, a full curriculum helping leaders clarify their message to connect with people. After much success with The Choice Process, David created The Get Clear Workshop to help leaders clarify their message in a fun workshop atmosphere where iron sharpens iron. Having spoken to audiences of thousands of people, connected networks of leaders on international projects, and helped leaders communicate their story, David has personally enjoyed the rich experience in living out The Choice Process. He has seen the impact that happens when leaders create clear messages, face their fears, and connect with people in a meaningful way. The Choice Process will help you do this, to help you gain momentum and grow your business.